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With so much to protest and seek to change, we still want to share some of the greatest, most challenging music being made. And composers and performers want to share it too! And they need to be paid. More than ever, we need to be sure we’re expressing the worth of this music with more than accolades.

This is a free concert! But please consider purchasing a ticket. Doing so will help us to do more performances, pay more players, commission more composers, and share more music worldwide. An entire ecosystem of composers and performers still needs our attention, and our love, and our financial support.

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A big virtual hug and thank you for helping make this and future virtual Marathons possible.


We’d love to list you! For $25 or more, we’ll put your name on the Marathon 2020 website as Ticket Buyer. It’s that easy. Buy a ticket, be a supporter.

$100 and above

Receive the above and reserved seating! Okay, that’s silly. You can sit wherever you want. BUT $100 and above makes you a donor, not just a ticket buyer, and you can get a tax deduction and name on the Marathon website as a PRODUCER! Because you helped us produce the show, and that’s really, really important.

$1,500 – Commissions!

This is a very special category indeed. We are going to try to commission as many pieces as we can over the next few months, before we can all settle into a venue together to hear music together. So…for each $1,500 gift, we will apply the funds in equal parts to the composer, to the performer and to the Marathon 2020 fund that keeps this all going. If you want to know more about these commissions, just send an email to Tim Thomas, email hidden; JavaScript is required. Or, when you give $1,500, we’ll contact YOU with info on your composer and when the piece will be premiered. You will also receive a signed score from the composer and our undying gratitude.